Automatic Propane Delivery
Never run out of propane again!
No contract, easy to setup.
Cellular Tank Monitor & App

Automatic Delivery

One less worry for you!

We are now offering automatic delivery. Contact us today to find out how you can rest easy this winter knowing we are monitoring your tank for you!

Cellular tank monitors take the guesswork out of deliveries. It takes readings of the propane level in your tank and sends those readings to our office. With this precision, we can ensure that you get exactly the propane you need, when you need it. We want you to be 100% CONFIDENT you will not run out of propane and give you a greater connection to your comfort.

The easy to install app, available for both IOS & Android, gives you instant access to information you never had before. You’ll be able to see how much propane you have in your tank, any time, from anywhere. You’ll see how much propane you’ve been burning over the last 30 days. You’ll be able to call or email us, or go to our website, just by tapping an icon on your smartphone or tablet.

The installation is done by our technicians in just a few minutes. Our technician attaches the tank monitor to your tank and connects it to your PurpleFuels account. Never worry about running out of propane again!


Pursuant to Public Act 12-76 effective 7-1-2013

  • Customers may cancel automatic delivery at any time without fee or penalty.
  • Arrangements must be made to return our tank monitoring equipment.
  • Customer must provide written notice of cancellation at least one business day prior, via one of the following methods:

Certified mail to: PurpleFuels, LLC 45 Rose Hill Road Branford, CT 06405

Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Frequently Asked Questions - Automatic Delivery

What does the oil tank monitor do?
The tank monitor takes ultrasonic readings of the fuel level in your tank and sends those readings over the internet to us. With this precision, we can ensure that you get exactly the fuel you need when you need it.
What is the cost for the service?
A one-time fee of $99 is all it takes to receive the best service at the best price! You will receive a $0.05 discount on the price of fuel, so depending on how much fuel you use, using our monitor will pay for itself in no time!
When Do You Fill?
We will fill your tank when it is around 20-30%, depending on your usage. During periods of inclement weather it will most likely be closer to 30% than 20%.
Why are you installing one?
We want you to feel CONFIDENT you will not run out of fuel. The tank monitor also comes with a smart phone app that gives you information you never had before. You’ll be able to see how much fuel you have in your tank, anytime, from anywhere. You’ll see how much you’ve been using and when your next delivery is scheduled. You’ll be able to reach us with the tap of an icon. It’s one more thing that sets us apart from a typical fuel company.
The monitor is plugged in to a remote ready dial on the tank. If you are unsure if your tank gauge/dial is remote ready, please give us a call or email us a picture of your tank gauge. Additional charges will apply if we have to replace the dial on your tank.
How do I download the Smartphone App?
After the monitor is installed, we will email you an activation code. This email will also include a link to download the app for your phone's operating system.
Who owns the tank monitor?
The monitor is property of PurpleFuels. If you discontinue doing business with us for any reason, we will need the equipment returned to avoid being charged.
Does the monitor work on every tank?
The monitors will work on most tanks, provided they have a remote ready dial/gauge.
When do I receive the $0.05 per gallon discount?
You receive the discount on your first delivery that is triggered by the monitor. Once you have the monitor installed, and it hits the predetermined level for a fill, then we come out and deliver and you receive the discount on that delivery.
How do we pay?
A credit or debit card is kept on file, and is charged for the delivery. We do not invoice customers on automatic delivery.
Contact us today to get started on automatic delivery and we will reach out to you to setup a date/time to install your tank monitor.